Solidhostglobal Affiliate Program

Earn commission starting from 20% per sale with an affiliate program that values you!

Why Become a Solidhostglobal Affiliate?

Our affiliate program is one of the highest paying affiliate programs around, earn up to 20% per sale!

Free Affiliate Program

It is absolutely free to join and you can make as much money as you can carry, with monthly payout!

Highest Affiliate Commission

We pay as much as 20% commission for every successful sale of any of our web hosting packages

Earn Money Online Easily

You can earn so much money online from the comfort of your home, just by telling people about our services ?

How Our Affiliate System Works

Our affiliate program is the highest paying affiliate program offered by any web host. Refer people to us and earn 20% of their purchase. No strings attached!

How to join and make money?

All you ever needed to do is Register and activate  your affiliate account. Once activated you will get a unique affiliate link in addition to a $1 registration bonus.. Share this link with your friends and on your social media accounts and websites. Once they click to our website through your link our cookies will keep track for about 90 days. That means that even if they don’t make purchases immediately whenever they come back within the period and make purchases, your affiliate account will be credited instantly with 20% of their payments.

you will be getting monthly reports of your affiliate performance, including clicks and signups/purchases. You can also view this in your affiliate dashboard


Once you reach $40 you can request to withdraw your affiliate earnings. We pay by Paypal. From our reward rate you can see that our payout is very easy to achieve and we make it quite instant such that you can get paid within 24 hours of requesting payment.


Commissions do not apply to VPS, Domains or Addon services.

Why Solidhostglobal Affiliates?

We see you as a partner, together we change the situation of businesses.

  • Earn 20% for Every Referral
  • High Conversion Rates
  • Easily make Money Online
  • 90 day Cookie Tracking
  • Real-time Reporting
  • Be part of the Elite Affiliate Club
  • Monthly Affiliate Payouts
  • Personalized Tracking Codes
  • Instant Sign-Up

Why Our Customers Love Us!

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I have been on the train since 2019 and have made a lot of revenue from this program. It's one god way to make cool many without stress. And then my job makes it easier for me to get more clients to sign up. I'm enjoying it

Ivy May

Product Designer