How to get an online store

Do you sell goods and services? have ever had any feeling to have an online presence for your business? These are the things you would need!

  1. Domain name  don’t know what a domain is? Click here!
  2. A fine logo to give first hand impression of what you do. Click here to check our logo design service. If you already have logo, fine.
  3. SSL(https with greenlock in browser)
  4. A Hosting Account. Click here to know what that means.
  5. Design fee to pay your developer
  6. SEO(search engine optimization, done after the site is fully done, so your Site and products will show in google and other search engines)

    What you’ll get
    1. payment gateways integration to accept card payments on the site (if you have business account, or you can use your personal bank account)
    2. PayPal integration
    3. Free listing in online business directories
    4. Integration of social media and promotion tools
    5.24/7 support
    6. Regular site checks and Recommendations

  7. Dedicated account assistant to help you with issues in your account.

Then you can decide if:
1. You want to have sub distributors/vendors that will have sub stores under your site and you pay them commissions
2. If you want SEO or not( above)
3. Your shipping/delivery method (to be listed on the site and includes in your terms and conditions on the site
4. If you want us to help with technical management of the site. (Site management is billed at $20/month for clients and $150 for non clients.

We’ll need from you:
1. All clear and quality pictures of your products( you can always send more if you add more, at any time)
2. Legal documents(privacy policy, terms of use, shipping policies, refund policies.) We can help you with these, after thorough consultations between you and our legal team.
3. Various social handles for your company

4. More details as work progresses and ends.

That’s all!

If you should need an online store, try our robust platform today!

Why reseller hosting?

Reseller Hosting is the main niche that most  hosting companies these days operate. This enables them to begin business without having to worry about the colossal demands of setting up independently owned resources required for web hosting.

Now we shall be looking at the advantages of reseller hosting. why do people go into reseller?

  • It gives the opportunity to easily start up – it empowers entrepreneurs and startups to start business without much stress. Reseller hosting does not require much technical knowledge to start as the reseller most of the time gets support from the hosting company. It makes it easy for anyone to be able to start up easily and effortlessly make benefits.
  • Set up your own hosting plans and bundles that are custom-made to your own business and clients – This empowers you to make your own,l hosting plans an packages which can be modified to address your client’s issues. A reseller can set up his own company and storefront to his own taste, independent of the main company.  This allows the reseller to enjoy a sense of independence.
  • You can host and bill your clients utilizing your own brand – Reselling empowers you to make your own particular hosting brand. Great reseller plans like ours allow resellers to operate on white label  with custom name servers and no mention of the main company. No one would ever know that you have anyone else you;re working with. The show is all yours!,

Things you must look out for when starting a Reseller business

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited domain hosting
  • Disc space
  • White label branding
  • Customised account management.
  • Customised website management for clients.
  • cPanel / Plesk control panels for Windows or WHM control panels for Linux
  • Additional features in hosting, e.g. email, cPanel, and security tools
  • 24/7 Tech support offered by hosting provider

Bitcoin Investors Watch it

Bitcoin is one of the biggest, if not the biggest of the numerous cryptocurrencies in the world. Various people take to the SPECULATIVE trade. Bitcoin trade has changed the financial lives of many people in the forex business.

However recent comments by the United States president and his Finance Minister have brought a sudden downturn of the boiling coin business. There have been rising fears and mixed feelings about the fate of crypto world. The world power has been alleged to have shown sudden interest in the crypto sector “…as a security threat..”

Buyers and sellers have held their breath as they watched the Bitcoin go down to what people feared would be reach $6,000 or even much lower.

However the crypto has suddenly bounced back to almost $10,000 and still rising and falling

Speculators however are expecting a long-run rise for bitcoin and others despite the possible crackdown from the world powers.

Keep a date with us for more updates as bitcoin keeps rolling!