We are looking for creative individuals globally who have interest in the web hosting business to partner with us. It's a remote job you can do with just your smart phone or PC at your free time.

Job Role

  1. To help educate businesses on the need for an online presence
  2. To help them access our highly scalable and very fast web hosting service.

More details

For each person that signs up to our web hosting packages you will get paid 10% of their hosting fee, and each year when they renew you will also get 10% of their renewal fee. More like a lifetime payment for you as long as they are using our services. You can see our hosting packages and other services on our website at https://solidhostglobal.com


How much to expect

Our best affiliates earn as much as 6,000USD total per year, paid via Gift cards, Paypal, BTC and direct bank deposit (In some countries)



  1. Basic Knowledge of Web hosting
  2. Basic digital marketing skills


How to apply

  1. Visit https://solidhostglobal.com/host/register.php
  2. Register
  3. Then check https://solidhostglobal.com/host/affiliates.php to see your affiliate link. You can have people register via this link to automatically get your money in your wallet immediately they make purchase.
  4. Feel free to contact us on Whatsapp at +12675740885 Or support ticket on our website for further inquiries.
  5. Add us on FB, IG Twitter @solidhosthostglobal, also to stay up to date with our company news.


Other ways to earn

we also offer website and logo design services, for each successful referral you will get a big commission.


Other Benefits

Each month we select and award our best performing affiliates with any of:

  1. Free Hosting account for life
  2. Free domain for life
  3. Free website
  4. Gift cards
  5. and much more!


We have given out

  1. over 800 free domains
  2. 1208 Free hosting accounts
  3. Over 160 Websites
  4. Over 150,000 USD in gift cards and BTC

and much more to our affiliates, in addition to their commission.

Thursday, December 3, 2020

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