How to know a Sales-Driving Website Design

Have you ever wondered why your competitors are soaring and your ranking seems to be dropping?  It is most likely they have somethings on their site that you do not and are doing some things that you are certainly not doing. How then can you know a site that can drive sales?

Your website must be available – By available, we mean in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Yandex etc.. Every successful business begins with a wide patronage. And patronage begins with reach, and reach begins with availability, which is founded upon online  presence and search appearance.. Most people would not border going down to the 100th page of google to find your business. If your site is not optimized for search engines, and if your design is not up to taste, you’ll yourself losing potential customers. Sites designed by us have over the years testified of their progress with pushing the online presence of their businesses nil to always available with highly satisfactory search engine ranking.

Your website must be secure – You must bear in mind that google hardly recognizes sites that do not have valid SSL. That assures both your customers and search engines that your site and business is safe, and that whatever transaction they hold on your site is secured. Each of our hosting packages  is assigned an SSL certificate valid for as long as the site is still hosted with us. Sites designed by us and not hosted on our serves have the option to purchase our highly affordable SSL certificates

. Speed is vital – Nobody has all the time to wait for 20 minutes for a single page to load whereas they could get sites that load in 2 seconds! Your website has to be fast to load, this has a very long connection with the design of your site. In our website design practices we create sites with scripts that load fast and on all devices. Try our website design services to test and see. Check our portfolio page for our customer testimonials