What is a domain?

A domain is the “Internet House Address ” of your website. Let’s look at the internet as a world, a villa. Your business will represent your house or estate on that world or village.
So if you were to ask someone to pay you a visit at your “Village house” you’re going to need to give them a specific “house” address to look you up.
This is where your domain comes in.
Let’s say your business name is davisconsults. You can register your domain using any domain extensions like: .com, .net, .biz, .store, .foundation, .org etc. Click here to see domain extensions
The .com domain is the most common domain extension for any type of website.
However these days many TLDs have come up such that you can have a domain extension for your type of business. Eg. An online store can use a .store, an organization can use a .org, a business can use a .biz. There are also country-based domain extensions like .in(India), .ng(Nigeria), .UK(United Kingdom) .us(United states) etc.
The prices of domain extensions vary depending on the WEB value.
So having decided which domain extension is best for your business you would need to register the domain.
Once registered it becomes your web address. Eg.
Anyone anywhere in the world would be able to visit your “web House” by just typing your domain in their browser.

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