About Solidhostglobal

The ultimate hosting solution for fast reliable websites.

The Solidhostglobal Story

Looking at the world, it has become a very small village, you can reach anyone anywhere at the click of a button. Businesses can now go beyond borders and cultures and physical barriers to reach out to the needs of their clients globally.
It is with this understanding that we have taken up a mandate, to create a solid platform on which businesses and individuals can achieve this. We started back then with HDD hosting and as the needs of our clients grew and technology advanced, we upgraded and are working every day to ensure that our clients are running on the latest and fastest technology. Now we run on NVMe (nonvolatile memory express), a new storage access and transport protocol for flash and next-generation solid-state drives (SSDs) that delivers the highest throughput and fastest response times yet for all types of enterprise workloads.

This is our creed, to give the best web hosting experience to our customers at a very affordable price, where anyone can afford to host their business and run on a solid platform to achieve their dreams. We go above and beyond to ensure that no one is left out. Solidhostglobal empowers customers with a range of additional features and tools to enhance their online presence. From one-click installations of popular website platforms to advanced website analytics with a dedicated round the clock support.
We regularly run promos, and still give special discounts to selected customers towards their renewals. This is to make sure that everyone, regardless of their pocket size, can experience web hosting at its best.

We have kept our promise and our stuck to our vision and mission. Thousands of users worldwide now attest to our impact. If you haven't tried our platform yet, check online for the reviews of our happy customers, we are the solution that you have been looking for 🙂

Our Datacenters

We have datacenters spread across Europe and North America, and in other strategic regions of the world. No matter where you are, all you need is the tap of a button to get onboard a web hosting service that will change the future of your business.

Our Vision

Whether you are an individual blogger, small business owner, or a large enterprise, Solidhostglobal has the hosting solutions to meet your unique needs. Our vision is to give everyone a chance to take their business to the skies. Every day we work hard, to see you get there!

Our Network

Our network coverage is global and expanding to reach every nook and cranny of the world. Everyone deserves the chance to be online, every business like a child deserves its chance to grow. Take that chance on us today and you'll be glad you did

700k+ Happy Customers

Today we have thousands of customers across the globe that have positive reviews to share about their business growth and great experience on our hosting platform. You can take it to google search and confirm for yourself. We have been tested and confirmed!

Solidhostglobal Guarantees

One thing is to have a great platform, another thing is to be there 24/7 to guide and support the customers through their journey.

Money-back Guarantee

Try our hosting, if what you see is not what we have promised, come get your money back within 7 days!

24/7 Support

We are here 24/7 on livechat, support tickets and our social media channels to support you. We are in this together!

Cloud Technology

Our advanced technology revolutionizes data storage and retrieval, ensuring lightning-fast website loading speeds.

Fast NVMe Servers

Come and enjoy an amazing high-speed NVMe hosting for enhanced website performance.

Why Our Customers Love Us!

People never cease to call us to inquire how we do it, and we tell them that we do it by keeping our customers first, and they love us for it!

I launched my first personal website with them in 2019, and have convinced my company to host with them in 2021. Our experiences so far confirm their review on google, that they are good.

Sara Jay