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What is a domain?

A domain is the “Internet House Address ” of your website. Let’s look at the internet as a world, a villa. Your business will represent your house or estate on that world or village.
So if you were to ask someone to pay you a visit at your “Village house” you’re going to need to give them a specific “house” address to look you up.
This is where your domain comes in.
Let’s say your business name is davisconsults. You can register your domain using any domain extensions like: .com, .net, .biz, .store, .foundation, .org etc. Click here to see domain extensions
The .com domain is the most common domain extension for any type of website.
However these days many TLDs have come up such that you can have a domain extension for your type of business. Eg. An online store can use a .store, an organization can use a .org, a business can use a .biz. There are also country-based domain extensions like .in(India), .ng(Nigeria), .UK(United Kingdom) .us(United states) etc.
The prices of domain extensions vary depending on the WEB value.
So having decided which domain extension is best for your business you would need to register the domain.
Once registered it becomes your web address. Eg.
Anyone anywhere in the world would be able to visit your “web House” by just typing your domain in their browser.

Start your domain search, find the perfect domain for your business today.

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Why Reseller Hosting

  • It gives the opportunity to easily start up – it empowers entrepreneurs and startups to start business without much stress. Reseller hosting does not require much technical knowledge to start as the reseller most of the time gets support from the hosting company. It makes it easy for anyone to be able to start up easily and effortlessly make benefits.
  • Set up your own hosting plans and bundles that are custom-made to your own business and clients – This empowers you to make your own,l hosting plans an packages which can be modified to address your client’s issues. A reseller can set up his own company and storefront to his own taste, independent of the main company.  This allows the reseller to enjoy a sense of independence.
  • You can host and bill your clients utilizing your own brand – Reselling empowers you to make your own particular hosting brand. Great reseller plans like ours allow resellers to operate on white label  with custom name servers and no mention of the main company. No one would ever know that you have anyone else you;re working with. The show is all yours!,

Things you must look out for when starting a Reseller business

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited domain hosting
  • Disc space
  • White label branding
  • Customised account management.
  • Customised website management for clients.
  • cPanel / Plesk control panels for Windows or WHM control panels for Linux
  • Additional features in hosting, e.g. email, cPanel, and security tools
  • 24/7 Tech support offered by hosting provider

Click to see our Reseller plans

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How do I start my own website or blog?

to start a blog you have these things to deal with:

  1. Getting a domain name: For those who are just visiting our site for for the first time. Visit here to know what a domain means. The link would also guide you through the steps to get your own domain and the basic terminologies associated with domains. Check our various domain prices here
  2. Get a web Host : In case you don’t know what web hosting or a web host means or need recommendations of good hosts, check here
  3. Find a web developer: These days there are many developers. You can even develop your blog by yourself without coding language We shall update it in our next series of tutorials.. check here  to see our tutorials. But if you feel that you would be too busy to do it yourself, you can place an order here for our professional web design services. We deliver in 5 working days.
  4. Start Blogging: We want to believe that before you embark on a blog creation project you must have determined what to blog about, and the sources of your blog. So once your developer is done, nothing again remains, blog away!
  5. Ensure to have your site Optimized for Search Engines: The popularity of your blog becomes real when it begins to come up in search pages. For that to happen you need to use the services of an SEO expert. You can reach us here or use our livechat or whatsapp channels to order for our expert SEO service..Read full article
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What is web hosting?

Web hosting, you would keep wondering, what does it really mean? Well we shall try to put it across in a layman’s language.

But before we start do you know what a domain means? If no, check it out here!

Now back to web hosting!. Let’s assume you live on No. 3 Lincoln drive, Shiropshire.. You certainly dont live in the air!. You must have your own house or a landlord/landlady that you pay rents to in order to have a room/rooms, flat or whole house.

Look upon your address as your domain name where anyone can always come to look for you, and your house as your Hosting account. These are the internet equivalent of the the real world.

Once your domain is set up, it has to be pointed to a space on a server where you can store your blog posts,  emails, databases, etc. So with this simple idea, a web hosting account and domain name are the very first things to be considered in web hosting.

Now that you have our analogy. what is web hosting proper?

Web hosting is a service that allows Businesses, organizations and individuals to post their websites or web pages on the Internet. Now you would remember we mentioned your landlady or landlord? That’s where your web hosting provider comes in!

A web host, or web hosting service provider, is a business….Read full article

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